British Literature Research Paper Directions:



Assignment:  This project will incorporate all the aspects of a research assignment, including a formal paper of 5-7 pages typed and double-spaced, with a MLA style bibliography page and internal citations.  The process of researching the topic, completing note cards and bibliography cards, completing a bibliography page, outline and rough drafts will all be part of the project.


Criteria:  Each student will be responsible for completing the various steps of the process on time and in their entirety.  Be sure that you meet or exceed the deadlines set down for the project. Each student will be responsible for choosing a topic that is of interest to him or her and then completing the formal research paper.


Topic: The topic for this research paper is any British or European person, group or people, event, tradition, age, object or invention that has had a major influence or impact on society or a profession.  The topic needs to have been born/created or lived/existed the majority of its lifetime between 50BC 2000AD.


Structure:  The project will consist of a biography or background section, a section on the importance of the topic, and a section in which you analyze the topic or discuss the influence it has had on society or profession.  Each section will be approximately one third of the paper.  Any pictures, charts, graphs, etc should be included as appendices and will be graded as extra credit.


Grading:  The assignment will be graded for each separate step of the process.  The final paper will be worth 200 points.  Each step of the process will be worth 10 30 points depending on the assignment.  To receive full credit for each section, the previous section must be turned in and each section must be on time. Final Paper is due on Jan. 9, 2007 by 3:00pm in room 309 and submitted to  Any paper after that time will result in a grade no higher than a D+. Absences are not an excuse for an extension.


Sources:  The information that you will use for your paper will be generated from 4 types of sources.  You MUST use each of these in your paper.  You must have at least six overall. All sources will be cited using the MLA style.  You may use more than one of each but you have to have at least one of each of the following;


Text Box: Other sources you could use;
Movies, Documentaries,
Pamphlets,Television shows, etc.
 Television shows, etc.


          Internet site                                       

          Encyclopedia or other reference work

          Book/History or compilation

          Magazine or Newspaper or Periodical


Date/Day                   Topic                                   Assignment                                 Due Date

Wed.-Thrs. Nov/Dec 29-1   Library Research                           Use Library sites for information                  end of class

Fri. Dec. 1                        Library Research                           Library research/topic sheets                     end of class

Tues.- Wed. Dec. 5/6         Bib Cards/In Class                         Complete Bib Cards (MLA Style)                  end of class

Fri. Dec. 8                        In Class work/Note Cards                Bring sources to class /begin taking notes    end of class

Mon. Dec. 11                     In Class work/Note cards                Bring sources/ note cards (checked)            end of class

Wed. Dec. 13                    Outlines/Rough Draft                      Begin working on Outline/Rough Draft           OL due 12/15

Fri. Dec. 15                       Outlines /Rough Draft                     OL Collected and return in class / Begin RD    RD due 12/19

Tues. Dec. 19                    Collect Rough Draft #1                                                                                End of class

Wed. Dec. 20                    In Class wrk/Rough Draft #1            Rough Draft returned

Thrs.-Fri Jan. 4/5               Rough Draft #2 (Optional)               2nd RD can be turned in, will return ASAP         

Tues. Jan 9                       FINAL DRAFT DUE INCLUDING RD#1, RD#2, OL, NCs, BCs                                   3:00PM

                                                                                                                                                    RM 309